Civil Service of Process

Service of Process Costs by Prevailing Party is Recoverable and Paid by the Judgment Debtor
California Law Pursuant to CCP 1033.5

Limited ASAP/Rush Service: Retainer $118.00

Service is recommended where it is believed that defendants and witnesses will not aggressively avoid service appointment or surprise service attempts by process server. Service includes accompanying service intelligence and three diligent attempts at one given address. Standby and stakeout time is not included with this service.

Unlimited Rush Service: Retainer $189.00

This premium and pragmatic service is recommended where it is believed that the defendant and witness has or may resist personal service and service by mail. Further, Imperative hearings and depositions may not happen. Potential adverse court order or judgment may cause service avoidance and case witnesses may not wish to be deposed.

With provided intelligence, this service includes a total of three diligent attempts integrated with three hours of standby time or stakeout time at one given address. Authorized add-on stake out hours and other address service attempts are at increased cost.

Service is Limited to Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco and Solano Counties

Please Note: Within this web site the “Application of Engagement” for profiling date, time and place of service relates directly to case successful service requirements. Be advised that the service intelligence you provide will enhance the existing service skills of the process server for timely case service success. Service time for attempts regarding the “comings and goings” of defendants and witnesses may be difficult to determine. The disposition of defendants and witnesses dictates effort and cost of service. Service of process costs by prevailing party is recoverable and paid by the judgment debtor.

  • Second Service Same Case and Address @ $79.00
  • Services Thereafter – @ $59.00 each
  • Additional Standby Time or Stakeout Time @ $63.00 per hour
  • Additional Address Service Attempts @ $89.00 each

Bonus: Weekend service attempts are without additional cost.